A video for my new technologies project

Published May 7, 2014 by nicoleobrien48

Check out this Youtube video of the company Hairy Baby.

This video was created by my team and myself for our new technologies project 2014.

This video gives the story of Hairy Baby and their social network sites, competitors and websites.


ENJOY and feel free to comment!


Re-marketing- a useful tool for marketing? or cyber stalking?

Published April 30, 2014 by nicoleobrien48


Re-marketing lets marketers reach potential customers that have previously visited the site and show the potential customer ads across the web or when they use a search engine like Google.

Re-marketing explained

Re-marketing explained

Google Re-marketing is the perfect way to understand re-marketing. Check out this Youtube video I came across on Google marketing. This will give you a better understanding and is very interesting and effective and extremely short. ENJOY!

So, you’ve been thinking about Netflicks, done your research, checked out their website a few times, but went back to Facebook. But now…… a Netflicks ad on the right side of your Facebook page is looking at you, encouraging you to go back on there website and purchase Netflicks.

Netflick's example of Re-marketing

Netflick’s example of Re-marketing

The dress you looked on Missguided a few weeks ago, and went back of the site. You’ve seen them, but you see them again through re-marketing when they pop up Facebook when you log on. 

Misguided Ad on Facebook

Misguided Ad on Facebook

 Is this a useful marketing tool or cyber bullying?

Personally I think its a useful marketing tool, its a clever way to get customers back to your site. Customers might think of it as cyber stalking, but in a marketing world, where sales are vital, you know i’ts a gifted tool because when customers leave the website without buying anything re-marketing helps the marketers to connect with these potential customers again. A tailored message can be sent to that customer through an e-mail. Re-marketing will encourage the customers back to the site, to hopefully make a purchase.

  • Twitter, the social network is also a fan of re-marketing.  This is an excellent article on Twitters newly released ways to communicate with the target audience effectively. Find it here.

Customers need to understand re-marketing and how creative it is, instead of thinking they are being stalked and its creeping them out.  This is a blog that will help customers with their issue of re-marketing being creepy, or a stalking factor. ‘Does re-marketing make you a creepy stalker?’

No its not creepy, its genius! 

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Snapchat…something old or something new?

Published March 23, 2014 by nicoleobrien48


Snapchat has a rapidly growing audience of teens and 20 somethings…. 

So before I start, there are 10 things you need to know about Snapchat before you read my blog. 

Snapchat's unique logo

Snapchat’s unique logo

  •  Snapchat is an app that allows people to send a ‘selfie’ /a photo, or a video with a caption to a friend or a few between 1 and 10 seconds, whatever you choose! They will receive it, laugh, maybe screen shot the picture and then it is gone. Is there some sort of buzz from the fact you can only see it one? Course there is a buzz, personally I think you can get hilarious Snapchat’s that physically make you laugh. Snapchat has definitely received lots of love as its a great way to keep in touch with friends.
  • Just check out these Snapchat screen shots. Now tell me they aren’t funny? They are hilarious, so maybe Snapchat will be around for much longer. Its definitely something new, with huge success. Photos on Snapchat are growing at a serious rate, much more than Facebook.

This crazy You-Tube video is of some teen showing just how fun snapchat is: 

  • Snapchat is an easy way to communicate with somebody, its probably even better than texting. People feel comfortable sending different, unusual, spontaneous pictures that they would not like people to see whenever they want. The picture doesn’t stay around forever, whereas imessages do, there is something special about this ‘once off’ scenario. Somebody would send a picture of their hairstyle that they wouldn’t be caught dead with, but they have no problem sending it on Snapchat because they know its secure.
  • Snapchat is fun, useful communication and it is definitely not a fad among women, as its known that 70% of Snapchat users are in fact women. Snapchat has managed to capture the heart of millions of female users. But why? Well girls enjoy intentionally sending ugly Snapchats, because they think that it’s the only place that it’s allowed. A young girl most definitely wouldn’t put an ‘uglie selfie’ on a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc.
    Girls love an ugly snapchat

    Girls love an ugly snapchat

    Also for some reason girls love sharing what they are doing, it helps boredom and starts a chat. They love to be random and Snapchat is the perfect place to be that. Check out this interesting article on digital trends on why girls love Snapchat. Its full of testimonials that explains why girls prefer Snapchat to texting, how convenient and fun it is for them.

  • Still don’t think that Snapchat is growing and that  it’s becoming old? Give this article a read and then you will understand why Snapchat is growing so fast. It gives so much detail on how Snapchat keeps on developing and growing and how great it is over text messages.

Snapchat is still the 6th most popular free app on the apple app store.

Snapchat just a fad? I don’t think so….


Recently I posted a very interesting article and You Tube video on my Facebook page on Snapchat. Check it out here

Keep snapchatting guys!

Keep snapchatting guys!

Blogging for Businesses

Published March 18, 2014 by nicoleobrien48

Why should businesses blog?




Blogging is a very valuable tool that allows businesses engage with customers and potential customers, which creates a two way conversation. Its an easy to use stand to connect your business with your customers through sharing relevant and timely information. It encourages interaction with your customers through feedback and comments.  Blogging is a direct communication path to your customers. Blogging will increase customer relationships and your sales. It is a lot cheaper for a business to keep their current customers, rather than search for new ones, so why not use blogging to keep in touch, give your customers the opportunity to learn new things about your business and the chance to comment.  It also creates free public relations, get some great press through blogging! Why wouldn’t any business want that?

                                    Your blog will fuel search engine optimization. Excellent blog content will maximize your SEO giving you the option to beat your competitors in the search engine result page, using key words, with topics and categories that you want your business to be associated with in the SEO. Blogging regularly will automatically increase your search keywords and having these keywords and topics on the blogs are a good way for search engines to find the blogs for these words. But remember, having keywords and topics isn’t all what it takes to have a successful SEO strategy, it also requires research and planning. Businesses should use UberSuggest to get great ideas for keywords. Try it out and see how you feel about it now! This interesting post gives ‘The 10 basics of blogging SEO‘ for new learners, surely to help out for first time business bloggers. Its a very helpful marketing strategy page guiding you through blogging and SEO.

Why blogging is good for business.

Why blogging is good for business.

  Businesses don’t have to be graphic designers to create a blog, there are simple blogging platforms out there, just like WordPress! WordPress is very people friendly and it does not require any high skills, just a creative mind! This is why blogging is good for businesses as it is so simple to use. It creates a buzz and increase staff morale in the workplace as it generates talk. Blogging gives your company a voice, so its highly recommended that companies blog. It is an fantastic way to talk about new products, services or to comment on new topics.You can tell your brand story through blogging. It is a great way to offer insight into your company and let your customers in. It lets your company shine and shows people what you are all about and it can be fun, energetic and exciting to blog each week!

Here is an example of a business blog that is simple, yet makes a statement.

Business Blog

Business Blog

5 good reasons why blogging is good for the marketing soul. This is marketing news that give valid reasons why blogging is good, in fact you’ll eventually get addicted to blogging. You won’t be able to stop!

Wanna learn more… Read this article  ! According to this article blogs will change your business. This is a fun, humorous and good article that will definitely capture your attention. Leave me know what you think about it!

May I add that YouTube videos are great for information and are difference because you don’t have to read all the time. I am always on you tube and came across this immense video on why businesses should blog. It is a simple tutorial stating the main points why businesses should blog!

The power of blogging is strong, so if your business does not currently run a blog…. you know what to do!


Blogging for business

Blogging for business

Be Facebook Fab!

Published March 5, 2014 by nicoleobrien48

Want a Facebook page that stands out? READ ME 😉 


1)  Customize your page URL- Don’t have loads of numbers on your Facebook page URL, it just looks unprofessional!

  • Have a simple URL makes the page seem more realistic and people will know that it’s the real deal. A URL with loads of numbers and letters can sometimes leave the impression of a ‘fake page’ on its visitors.

Check out how to do it here, on mashable !

(This article on mashable will show you how to create a custom URL on Facebook. These are very simple steps with illustrations to enjoy! )

2) Choose a picture and cover photo that is relevant to your page- make sure it fits properly and looks good 😉

  • Remember, your cover photo should talk to your visitors, after all it is the first thing that they will notice. Your cover photo and profile picture should represent what you are about, this way customers know at a glance what the page is.

Check out these do’s and don’ts on choosing a cover photo!  ….. This article gives you a clear indication of the rules for choosing a cover photo, which will help you chose and effective cover photo to suit your page.

Look at Oreo’s Facebook page, it is so eye catching with great apps, recipes and pictures!

Oreo Facebook

Oreo Facebook

3) Identify your target audience- you can reach specific people who are most likely to be interested in your page! Keep encouraging your current customers to share your page, to build your audience!

  • Create a time-table for when to post on your page, a time that is most suitable for your target audience. This time should be when your target audience will be on Facebook! You may need to conduct some surveys to find out when your audience are most on Facebook!

4) Post regularly- Keep your fans up to date!

  • Not posting regularly can leave a bad impression on your page, which will limit your reach. But posting too frequently can also create a negative effect as you can annoy people!

This is very useful information on 10 posting tips! This link will give you tips on posting on your page that will interest your audience.

5) Do respond to all comments- please your fans by responding and being helpful!

  • Responding to a comment that a visitor left on your photo or wall etc. is vital. You want to show your audience that you interact and care about them. You want them to know that you are interested in what to say and value their opinion! They love it!

Check out this interesting You Tube video on how to create a successful Facebook page!

A like on facebook is important!

A like on facebook is important!

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Like me on Facebook!

Like me on Facebook!

Enjoy setting up your own Facebook page and exploring what Facebook has to offer 🙂

Your favourite social media!??

Published March 3, 2014 by nicoleobrien48

Newbie Nicole!

Published February 18, 2014 by nicoleobrien48

I am totally excited about my first blog! I can’t wait to share all my thoughts and interest and give the opportunity for people to learn about Nicole! I hope everybody will enjoy my blogs and find them interesting! Image


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